Adult Confirmation

Adult Confirmation


“He has put his seal on us and given us his Spirit in our hearts as a guarantee” – 2 Corinthians 1: 22

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What is Confirmation?  Baptism, the Eucharist, and the sacrament of Confirmation are the “sacraments of Christian initiation.”   In his preaching and teaching, Jesus Christ promised his disciples the gift of the Spirit.  After his death, God poured out his Holy Spirit on the apostles and the Church.  The apostles’ fears left them, and they began to proclaim the Good News.  Similarly today in confirmation, the Holy Spirit seals us.  He promises to guides us so that we can grow in wisdom, understanding, courage, and knowledge.

Who May Take This Course? Adults ages 18 and older who have been Baptized and celebrated Holy Communion in the Catholic Church.  If you are not married in the Catholic Church and live with a fiancé, please contact the marriage coordinator, Fr. Guillermo Flores, 503-648-1998, ext. 260 or

When and Where are the Classes?

The classes begin on Thursday, September 25, and continue until Easter 2015.  They are on Thursdays from 7 to 8:30 p.m. in the Pastoral Center Room 205 & 207. 

When is Confirmation Celebrated?

The bishop celebrates Adult Confirmation during the Easter season (April or May 2015). When the Bishop announces the date in January, we will share it with the participants.

How Can I Register?

1. Please fill out the registration form and drop it off along with copies of your Baptism and First Communion certificates at the Parish Office by September 24.  Confirmation Packet

2. Pay $40 to cover the cost of the book and Confirmation retreat

3. Be sure to have a Bible for the class. The Bible must be your own so that you can write in it.

4. Begin looking for a qualified sponsor

What Are the Program Requirements?

  • Class: no more than 5 absences
  • Regularly attend Mass
  • Serve the community by participating in 5 of the 7 opportunities
  • Attend a one day Confirmation retreat in Lent

Who Can Be My Sponsor?

  • All adults need one sponsor who lives close enough to Hillsboro to participate in the service projects and to discuss the topics in the sponsor workbook.
  • Godparents cannot be from out-of-state or out-of-country.
  • One godparent (male or female) who is an active, practicing and fully initiated member of the Roman Catholic Church is required. This means that he/she needs to have already received Confirmation.
  • A Sponsor cannot be the father or mother of the Confirmation candidate.
  • If the godparents are living with a spouse, the marriage must have been blessed by the Church.
  • Godparents are required to attend the service projects and two classes.