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While the hope for Youth Ministry at St. Matthew is to bring this vision into a reality, it will take some time to do so. In order for the youth ministry movement to succeed, we must first start with a single focus as the foundation for the youth ministry programming, and become excellent at that one component before expanding to include other elements. The focus in the 2015-2016 school year is implementing LifeTeen/Edge programming as the foundation upon which to build up the youth ministry program. However, we must first do one thing (LifeTeen/Edge) and do it well.


After researching Archdiocesan documents regarding confirmation, the Confirmation program has taken shape as well. Some noted policies from the Archdiocese of Portland include:

Confirmation preparation and reception is intended to take place during the freshman and sophomore years of high school with primary emphasis on the sophomore year. Youth should have the opportunity for preparation and reception of the sacrament by the end of their 16th year of age.

Candidates must have participated in a Confirmation Preparation Program in order to be confirmed. The preparation program should be at least six months in length allowing for some programs to be up to two years in length.

It is recommended that parishes require a candidate be involved in ... Youth Ministry... or other formational experiences outside of and including regular weekend Mass attendance for one year prior to beginning the program.

It is expected that the parish assume responsibility for providing on-going comprehensive youth ministry and other formational experiences and opportunities in addition to and beyond Confirmation.

[I]t is recommended that Confirmation be available on an annual basis.

Confirmation is not intended to be a ‘graduation’ from Catholic education and formation.

Based on these guidelines, Confirmation preparation will be offered each year for all high school students (with emphasis on those in their freshmen and sophomore years) who have been involved in an area of parish ministry for one year prior to requesting Confirmation. For example, a student must be involved in parish ministries during the whole of his freshmen year in order to receive Confirmation during his sophomore year. This is not saying that the Confirmation program will take two years. On the contrary, the Confirmation preparation program itself will take approximately six months; students will come to a class every other week (two classes per month) and will focus specifically on the Sacrament of Confirmation. A combination of the Decision Point and Chosen Confirmation programs will likely be used for this purpose.

As fitting with the St. Matthew Vision for Youth Ministry while adhering to Archdiocesan Guidelines, this is the vision for the Confirmation program during the 2015-2016 school year:

  1. Confirmation preparation is available to those high school students who have participated regularly in a parish ministry during the entirety of the previous year.

  2. Those who are participating in the Confirmation program must attend bimonthly (every other week) classes for six months (dates TBD).
  3. Those who are participating in the Confirmation program must be actively involved in a parish ministry of their choice during the whole year of their Confirmation preparation (e.g. Choir, altar server, Bible Study, etc). In addition, they must also attend a Youth Ministry LifeNight (“Youth group”) once a month during the year (and not only the social night).
  4. Students in the Confirmation program are expected to attend Mass each weekend, and must participate in a Confirmation retreat (TBD), service opportunities, and/or youth events – options will be available. The retreat/service/event component will be further developed as the program is solidified.

  5. Parents and sponsors are expected to take an active role in the formation and preparation of the youth, understanding that parents are the primary catechists of their children. Specific requirements and responsibilities of both parents and sponsors will be forthcoming.

In the
 future, the hope is to add other youth ministry opportunities for teens to choose from, including: A teen Bible study, prayer group, praise & worship, service group, etc. However, those opportunities will take time to develop and will not be available during the 2015-2016 school year.

See Youth Ministry page for more information regarding our Youth Ministry program and online registration.

This vision will take many people to make it work, so all parents of Confirmation students are strongly encouraged to volunteer in some capacity within Youth Ministry. For questions or clarifications, please contact:
Katie Beaubien
Youth Ministry Coordinator
503-648-1998 ext. 258

Updated 7/21/2015