Journey to Jerusalem

A Lenten Journey for Spiritual & Physical Health

Join us for our 18,000-mile imaginary Journey to Jerusalem! Starting in Hillsboro, we will travel around the globe to our final destination on Easter Sunday. In addition to walking (or doing another physical activity of your choice), we will be meditating on a Bible verse, a reflection of that verse, and questions to ponder as you exercise. We will also be learning more about the cities and churches that we visit along our route. A world map in the church vestibule will show the route and our progress along the way, as well as an information sheet about each destination.

What is a mile? If you don’t know the actual distance you have traveled, or you are doing an activity other than walking (such as aerobics, swimming, etc.) convert as follows:

  • 2,000 steps = 1 mile
  • 20 minutes of activity = 1 mile

How to record your miles? Turn in one Tally sheet per week, per household, recording the total miles of all participating members for that week. There will be designated boxes at the church entrances to leave them in.   You may also email your weekly results (include family name) to   Check here to monitor our progress and find out other information. 

What do we read along the way?   The booklet “Food for the Journey” has a weekly devotion that we will all be meditating on.   Feel free to include other prayers and readings as you wish. This material is to help you grow spiritually during your pilgrimage. 

Where are we visiting along the way?   Starting in Hillsboro on 2/12, we will visit:


  • Sign up for the journey
  • Be active and pray – God is with you - track your miles of activity each week
  • Turn in your household TALLY SHEET weekly
  • Call or email if you have questions:   Monica Thursam, Parish Nurse, 503-648-7677,

(Sponsored by Parish Nurses, Health Ministry, and Promotores)