Staff Member: Fr. Jose de Jesús Ortega Tejeda, M.Sp.S.

Fr. Jose de Jesús Ortega Tejeda, M.Sp.S.

Associate Pastor
Phone: 503-648-1998 x281
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I was born in Mexico on November 11, 1937. I lived in the city where I was born, in Aguascalientes, Mexico, until I was 13 years old. Then I decided to become a Priest in the Congregation of the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit. For this, I went to the city of Guadalajara where I completed my High School education. In 1953, I began my Novitiate in Morelia, Mich. It was a Period of intensive religious education to determine if the life in the Congregation was for me. After 2 years I made my vows in the Congregation of the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit. The next step was the study of Philosophy in Mexico City. Before the studies of Theology there was a period of 3 years, in a kind of internship, to know and to improve my qualities for pastoral care. When I finished my theology studies and I was ordained as a Priest in 1966. During 5 years I served with youth who were discerning to become priests.

From 1971- 1980 I lived in Germany and studied at the University of Cologne. I finished my studies 1980 with a Ph. D. in Philosophy (Sociology). During my studies, I was Chaplain at a Hospital and later, Chaplain in the University of Cologne. Together with other Missionaries of the Holy Spirit I then had the opportunity to exercise pastoral service with a German community from 1980 until 1995: first in South Germany in Erding and Munich, and then in North Germany in Muenster, where I was Pastor of Heilig Kreuz Parish.

In 1996, I was transferred to Vancouver, Canada to work as associate Pastor and then as Pastor for the Hispanic Mission of the Diocese. Since 1999 I have been in the United States. Upon my arrival I first helped in the formation of our theology students and then was assigned as Pastor of St. Matthew Hillsboro, OR.

In 2003, I was elected provincial Superior of the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit in the United States. At the end of a period of six years I returned to St. Matthew Hillsboro to help as associate Pastor.

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