A Parish of the Missionares of the Holy Spirit

Administrative Council

The Administrative Council is envisioned as a select group of parishioners known for their human and spiritual maturity and love of Christ and the Church, endowed with special competence in financial matters and of prudent judgment, who offer their time and talents as a Christian service or ministry in the development and management of the parish's financial resources so that the parish may effectively pursue its proper mission of spreading Christ's Gospel and love. The Administrative Council must serve more by the Gospel values than by secular business philosophy. Efficient use of resources and money management in the context of Parish must be measured primarily by their ability to nurture and foster the Christian mission and ministry of the community and diocese. The Administrative Council should carry out its mission in coordination with the Parish Mission Statement, policies and priorities determined by the Pastoral Council.

El Consejos Administrativo es un grupo consultivo que colabora con el párroco en la administractión de la Parroquia. Sus funciones incluyen asistir al párroco y a los feligreses en el desarrollo, mantenimiento y mejor distribución de los recursos financieros y materiales de la totalidad de la Parroquia. 

Members of the Administrative Council:
Chair: Larry Weber
Appointed members:  Timo Garcia, Francisco Lara, Bev Wood, Tracy Roe, Agustin Vasquez, Roger Will
Ex-Officio members:  Fr. Lucio Villalobos, MSpS (Pastor),  Becky Smith (Business Manager)




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