A Parish of the Missionares of the Holy Spirit

Altar Society


What is the Altar Society? Can I join? Did you know that all women who are members of St. Matthew Parish are aut0-matically members of Altar Society by a long standing tradition that relegates the care of the Altar to women? We clean the altar and provide the votive candles, the wine and the hosts and oversee the funeral receptions.

Most of our funds come from our annual Bake Sale at Easter. Last year we spent $6,000 on candles/wine and hosts and also re-gilded the tabernacle and refurbished the Sanctuary Light for a cost of $10,000.

We work as a whole but also as members of individual Circles of women who meet once a month, pray and plan together and become friends in the
process. If you are interested in joining a Circle or just coming to a meeting to check us out, please contact our president, Terry Cole @ 503 381-6305. We would love to have you join us.

The purpose of this society is fourfold:
1. For the upkeep of the altar and interior of the church.
2. For Christian home education of children by Christian mothers.
3. For the spiritual and financial benefit of the parish.
4. For forming better social relationships.

Our main functions are: Taking turns cleaning altars every week, general church cleaning twice a year, serving luncheons for funerals, and sponsoring fundraisers. Our fundraisers have provided enough money that we have been able to donate to special projects in the parish.

If you would like to join the Altar Society’s in cleaning the church, serving at funerals, or working on fundraisers, please contact Terry Cole, Altar Society President, at 503-381-6305 or [email protected]