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Becoming Catholic


Catecismo Católico de los Estados Unidos para los Adultos

Welcome to St. Matthew!

The RCIA, short for Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, is the journey of faith to get to know Jesus and his Church in a more intimate way.

At St. Matthew, the first step in this journey is Inquiry, a safe place to ask questions and seek understanding; the place to meet faithful Catholics and start building community. These meetings are free and imply no commitment on your part to join the Catholic Church.

Inquiry meets all year long, so you can start at any time.

The second step in the RCIA journey continues towards studying Catholic teaching in depth, growing spiritually, attending Mass and forming community. This journey is marked by liturgical Rites and pastoral accompaniment.

The RCIA, as a process of conversion or ‘spiritual journey,’ goes through stages over a period of time that is suitable to form new Christian habits and become a member of our faith community. At St. Matthew, the study stage of the RCIA will begin whenever a small group has been formed. Attending Inquiry first is a must.

Who is RCIA for?

  1. Persons in need of Baptism.
  2. Persons baptized in another Christian tradition who desire to become Catholic.
  3. Persons baptized Catholic in need of First Communion and/or Confirmation.

Because each person’s journey is different, the RCIA can last up to three years. Start your Inquiry journey by reaching out this week, through a phone call or an email.

You are welcome to call any of the Priests, or Irma Vasquez, our RCIA Coordinator at the Parish Office 503-648-1998 ext. 246 or email at [email protected]

May the Lord continue to guide your faith journey!