A Parish of the Missionares of the Holy Spirit

Communion to the Homebound

As early as the year 150, after the Sunday Mass, ministers took the Eucharist from the Sunday assembly to those who were unable to be present. These included people who were in prison for living according to the gospel, and those whose work (Sunday was a work day back then) kept them away. But almost certainly he meant the sick and the infirm, and those who were otherwise homebound. 

This is one more of our wonderful ancient traditions: to love and cherish and to keep connected with those members of this community who cannot be with us at the Table of the Lord. 

When illness or infirmity keeps you or a loved one from the Sunday assembly, ministers of communion will bring a word of Scripture and the Body of Christ to you. Please, call the Parish Office and we will set this up. 

Don’t worry about fasting before receiving communion: If you are able to, that’s fine; but because of your condition, you are not obligated. 

The rite of communion for the sick is simple: It can be very brief if you are not feeling up to more. But normally, it consists of some opening prayers and readings (similar to those at Mass). If you are able, you then offer some prayers for the world and the church. Your family, friends and caregivers can (and should!) participate in the rite. If they would normally receive communion at Mass, then they can share in communion at this time, too. Before and after this simple, powerful rite of communion, you can visit with the minister or not, depending on how you feel.

Sick or infirm, homebound or hospitalized, each baptized person is nonetheless part of this parish, a member of the body of Christ. 

If you are going to be admitted to Tuality Hospital, please make sure you or your family advises the hospital that you are Catholic and would like to be visited by an extraordinary minister of Holy Communion. If in another hospital, make sure you contact their chaplain and make the same request. We visit and take Communion to those hospitalized at Tuality every day of the week. 

So don’t be afraid that you’re being a burden, and don’t think that we’re so busy we wouldn’t have time for you. Regularly sharing in communion is an important part of our life together as the church. 

If you would like to serve those who are infirm, homebound or hospitalized, please contact Maggie Stopka at the Parish Office 503-648-1998 ext. 251 or email [email protected].