A Parish of the Missionares of the Holy Spirit

Pastoral Council

It is envisioned that St. Matthew Parish Pastoral Council is to be a major consultative body in the parish community which advises the Pastor who presides over the Council. It is composed of the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit; representatives from the parish and school staff who carry out the pastoral functions of the parish; and of laity who are representatives of the membership of the parish. The purpose of the Parish Pastoral Council is to foster full participation of the entire parish in the life and mission of the Church. The parish faith community participates in this mission by: worshiping God in the Sacred Liturgy; creating and nurturing Christian community; growing in faith and holiness through solid catechesis; and serving those in needs, especially the poor. 

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El Consejo Pastoral es un grupo consultivo que se enfoca en la planeación pastoral para la Parroquia y es responsable de desarrollar y renovar, en forma continua, las prioridades a largo y corto plazo de diversos ministerios de la Parroquia: ministerio pastoral, ministerio de la Palabra, ministerio Sacramental, Cuidado Pastoral y desarrollo de liderazgo. De forma más especifica, el Consejo Pastoral, en conjunto con y sujeto a la aprobación del Párroco revisa el objetivo pastoral de la Parroquia, establece una visión a largo plazo para el ministerio dentro de la Parroquia, aconseja al Párroco en materias pastorales cuando se los requiere, establece objetivos, metas, planes estratégicos, prioridades, reglas para planeación y guías para la conducción de la Parroquia. Además, revisa el presupuesto anual y recomienda su aprobación al Párroco. Los miembros del Consejo Pastoral sirven por un plazo generalmente de tres años a solicitud del Párroco.

Council Corner - Path of the Pastoral Plan


Hello fellow parishioners! The Pastoral Council would like to make you aware of the "high level" approach we are taking for drafting the next pastoral plan. What is the pastoral plan, you ask? Good question! The pastoral plan is a document which summarizes the spiritual and community goals of our parish. This plan gives the priests and lay leadership a fixed target upon which activities and initiatives can align. The pastoral plan is very important because, in the excitement and frenzy of the day-to-day happenings of the parish life, it's easy to lose track of bigger objectives.


During Advent, the Pastoral Council invited parishioners to reflect on our spiritual life here at St. Matthew and to share their thoughts about it. Those very insightful comments as well as those collected during an open forum held in January ("What would you do if you were pastor of St. Matthew?") will be used as the primary parishioner input for our work on the next three-year Pastoral Plan. That's not to say you can't continue to provide your feedback! Feel free to contact the Pastoral Council through our email address at [email protected].


Beyond recent parishioner feedback, we are also looking at the previous five-year pastoral plan to determine what's relevant for today, what we can build on, and what we can leave behind. Additionally, last summer Archbishop Sample held his annual convocation of priests to discuss the current state of the diocese and to share the priorities that he sees in the short term for the parishes in the diocese. Finally, this winter the Missionaries of the Holy Spirit (MSpS) convened with their provincial assembly and received a roadmap for communities within the western province of the MSpS. The pastoral council will be working with all these inputs to help formulate a three-year pastoral plan to help move our community one step closer in holiness. As always, feel free to reach out to any of the members of the pastoral council or drop us an email anytime!


-- Pastoral Council


Pastoral Council Roster

  Member Council Role
  Fr. Lucio Villalobos, M.Sp.S. Parish Administrator
  Fr. Rito Guzman, M.Sp.S. Associate Pastor
  Fr. Agustin Rodriguez, M.Sp.S. Associate Pastor
 fbflkz70dunyf62gjlgd364aotl.jpg Andy Jewell Co-Chair
 d4joxmum5zsas87egcf2n2gp6yl.jpg Ana Noyola Co-Chair
83bsak7exkl7n61ud1k5clj5r2l.jpeg Pat Feetham Lay Member
Karen Harvey Lay Member
Lesley Lindell School Rep.
725wf2araxzfgtzwbcoheqr62kl.jpg Martha Loredo Lay Member
26yfz4vl72v2ijpbapsohxvoq7l.jpg John Mikitka Secretary