A Parish of the Missionares of the Holy Spirit

Fall Festival


Thank You…

Our 2018 Fall Festival was a huge success! Not only did God smile on us with beautiful weather, he also brought out the best in people and I truly believe we came together as One Community Growing in Christ. Please watch the wonderful video showing the highlights of our event.

There are so many people to thank this year… Thank you to our priests (and their many talents), St. Matthew parish and school staffs, and the many dedicated super volunteers! Thank you for being flexible -when we asked for more than the norm, moved you to a different position or you stayed to help out because you saw we were shorthanded. I would especially like to thank the incredible committee of coordinators. Your energy, enthusiasm and hard work paid off.

A special thank all of the 81 Fall Festival chairs and their committees who came before us. They created and built our festival throughout the years and without them our success would not be possible.

Thank you to all the many donors who generously gave to our efforts...especially Longbottom Coffee & Tea Co for their donation of coffee for both the cafe and the dinner; 7Eleven (25th and Cornell) for their numerous donations; and to the neighbors of St. Matthew Parish who graciously allowed us to use their parking areas.

The table below shows comparisons over the last 10 years, but please keep in mind that there have been many changes over the years so some comparisons are not exactly across the board. The report will give you a general idea of how we've grown.

Booths Over the Years  ~2007 ~2008 ~2009 ~2010 ~2011 ~2013 ~2014 ~2015 ~2016 2017 2018
Dinner Ticket Sales
(includes add'l food sold after)
$20,261 $19,336 $18,431 $18,020 $17,691 $14,213 $9,939 $13,340 $21,045 $19,291 $18,511
Basket Raffle $7,416 $6,389 $6,867 $8,181 $8,615 $6,465 $5,583 $6,061 $7,096 $7,466 $9,568
Boutique/Country Store $2,576 $3,656 $2,851 $1,987 $764 $1,323 $1,080 $1,995 $2,843   $3,338*
Pieces & Patches $2,250 $1,562 $3,019 $3,149 $2,573 $3,016 $2,076 $2,670 $2,066 $2,615  
Quilt Raffle   $987 $819 $1,014 $987 $400 $463 $422 $351 $376 $476
Grandma's Cocina (candy baked goods)  $5,659 $7,153 $6,795 $7,554 $6,336 $5,615 $4,809 $2,533 $5,668 $3,720 $3,539
Snacks - Burritos, Coffee/Bev $930 $1,396 $623   $866 $2,081     $2,183 $1,995 $1,815
Snacks - Flautas, Coffee/Bev                     $1,238
Carnival (& past Sunday Bingo) $2,921 $2,125 $2,406 $1,518 $1,584     $71 $668 $741 $1,258
Bingo & Bingo Food (Past Sat Carnival) $2,558 $2,344 $2,705 $3,477       $1,834 $1,143 $1,403 $1,851
Beer Garden                 $1,154 $689  
Sponsorship/Cash Donations                 $6,343 $225 $5,080
Total Event Day Gross Revenue $44,571 $44,949 $44,516 $44,899 $39,416 $33,113 $23,949 $28,926 $50,559 $38,521 $46,674
Expenses                 $13,969 $10,213 $8,207
Net Sales                 $36,590 $28,308 $38,467

*(Pieces & Patches now combined.)
I am honored to have been the Chair for our festival and am humbled by the blessings I was witness to. If you have any suggestions or comments, please let us know… [email protected] or 503-648-1998 ext. 268. If you would like to get involved, please attend our full committee Wrap Up meeting on Monday, Nov 19, at 6:30 p.m. in the Pastoral Center Room 103.

God bless you to all that were part of the Festival - whether volunteering, donating and attending!   We hope to see you again next year.

Warmest Regards,
Maureen KC Teeter
2018 Fall Festival Chair



Duane Morris


Mike Loredo

Café-Breakfast Burritos

Duncan Hart


Martha Castaneda

Café-Breakfast Burritos

Larry Weber


Diane VanDomelen

Café Coffee

Janet Hamlin


Jennifer Teeter

Café Coffee

Suzan Hopman


Natalie Brown

Café Coffee

Donna Satterlee


Terry Cole

Grandma's Cocina-Baked Goods

Sue Unger

Decorations Committee

Claire Turner

Grandma's Cocina-Candy

Molly Teeter

Decorations Committee

Meghan Randall

Grandma's Cocina-Day of Event

Betsy VanderSluys

Decorations Committee

Katherine Anderson

Grandma's Cocina-Day of Event

Theresa Kirsch

Decorations Committee

Sue Johnson

Grandma's Cocina-Wrapping

Brian Harvey


Kelly Dutra

Country Store-Boutique

Debbie Vuylsteke

Volunteer Assistant

AnnMarie Cowley

Country Store-Patches & Pieces

Jaime Miranda

Set Up & Take Down

Annette Salame

Rosary Makers

Scott Bernards

Set Up & Take Down

Karen Kirwan

Theme Baskets

Bev Wood


Karen Vandehey

Theme Baskets

Karin Muilman

Dining Room

Claudia Hernandez

Bingo Games

Bill Reed

Take Out Dinner

Caroline Nazareth

Bingo Games

Alexis Jackson

Take Out Dinner

Sunil Nazareth

Bingo Games

Frank Lux

German Dinner

Cassandra Trigo

Bingo Food

Mike Pranger

Campus Layout & KC German Dinner

Xiomara Merida

Bingo Food

Rogelio Mora


Daniel Salmeron


Trish Lux


Katie Reyes

Carnival Games

Angelina Peabody

Food Safety

Elizabeth Villaraldo

Carnival Games

Shalet Pinto

Dinner Servers

Landy Pinon

Carnival Food

Agustin Vasquez


Maria Lupita Heredia