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Staff Member: Ana Aviles

Staff Member: Ana Aviles

Ana Aviles

Children's Faith Formation Assistant
Phone: 503-648-1998, x232
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I was born in El Salvador, where I grew up with two brothers and one sister. My mother was a single mother who worked hard and made sure to keep faith strong in her family. My grandparents were very religious and dedicated Catholics and through them and my mother I learned how important faith in God is. I realized at a young age that even through times of war, God’s love was still there; by watching numerous volunteers put their life at risk to help the innocently wounded. Through that love, I decided to join the Red Cross volunteers and put my own life at risk at the early age of 15 to spread the hope and love of God through the service of healing, during a horrendous time. I understood that God would be the only one watching and protecting me from all harm, my faith in Him has always been strong.
At the age of 21, I immigrated to the United States to build a better life for my mother and sister. Knowing little English I enrolled in school to get my High school diploma; at the same time I joined a Catholic church in Los Angeles and became part of their Charismatic Catholic formation prayer group. Years later, I met my marvelous husband and moved to Oregon where I began a charismatic prayer group, and started helping Fr. Herasto promote Spanish Mass as there was no service given in Spanish.
Being active at St. Matthew since 1993 has been nothing but a blessing. Being the Assistant of Children’s Faith formation has brought me so much joy to help them see God’s love through the Eucharist. Prayer has always brought me strength and to share my form strength with others, especially children, is a privilege I am blessed to give.

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